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Summer and Change Island ponies


I think it was a taxi driver in St. John’s who told me that summer in Newfoundland takes place on July 23 – in the afternoon. Well this summer has sure made that old joke irrelevant. We have been enjoying a marvellous summer – hot and sunny and so unlike a Newfoundland summer that everybody you meet is looking at you puzzled wondering, now that they have been to the beach and had an ice cream, what else are they supposed to do with this endless string of summer days.


The summer started right, too – with a trip to Change Islands. I almost never use colour film, but for some reason I decided to do so on this trip and I am glad I did. The ponies in the photographs are part of the Change Islands Newfoundland Pony Refuge, an amazing community initiative spearheaded by passionate Netta LeDrew. She has so many stories about each and every horse in her care and about the community who is always there to support her and her efforts to save a truly unique aspect of Newfoundland heritage.




And for the photography geeks among you: the film is Kodak Ektar and the camera is a YashicaMAT 124G.

Let’s go fly a kite…


And this glorious summer is over. The nights and mornings are cold. We turned on the heater in our living room yesterday for a couple of hours in the morning. The photographs here are from a few days ago. We were flying kites on Signal Hill with some friends and eating apple strudel. It was a lovely way to spend the last of this summer.


A sunny day

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Like everybody else, I am going to blame this horrible summer that brought us nothing but rain, fog and cold. It has been really awful. We did have about four and a half sunny days since the beginning of June (and I am actually not making that up) and I happened to have had a camera with me on one of them.

We took Little Miss F. to the Bowring Park and thoroughly enjoyed a day in the sun.  The park is quite beautiful. It is on the West Side of St. John’s and for some reason, that part of the city always has been off our map as if it does not exist. We are certainly planning to come back if next summer cooperates because I am afraid that this summer is pretty much over.

We are hoping to squeeze in a couple more road trips including one to Fogo Island and Change Islands in September, but I suspect that rain gear is going to be mandatory on both of those trips . Ah… C’est la vie.

Croatian word of the day: kiša rain [ki sha]


Support Island Landscapes exhibit




Summer schedule not so different from the rest of the year

How did my calendar get booked a week in advance and this is supposed to be the slow time of the year. Sigh… On a happier note, I started writing my thesis.

A boy runs through a fountain in Valletta, Malta.

Croatian word of the day: fontana fountain 

Support Island Landscapes exhibit



[Old blog] Telegraph Magazine piece, photo links

Housekeeping first. If you are in UK, pick up the weekend Telegraph and the corresponding magazine – it should have a story on house swap written by Sara Wheeler and a couple of my photos like the one in this entry. This was one of the most fun assignments I ever shot. Sara, Peter and their sons were accommodating, gracious and they even let me have a nap mid-day because I have been driving for most of the night in order to be able to catch some early morning light. The story is simple enough. Sara wrote about her family’s vacation and about swapping their London home for one near New Glasgow in Nova Scotia. The day was gorgeous and the location fantastic. I really like the photos and I think they are some of the technically best photographs I ever made. Hopefully you will enjoy the next dozen posts or so.

Now some links – all are photography related:

Katia Roberts is a photojournalist working in Seattle who spends a lot of time working with homeless youth. Her blog is one of the better ones I came upon lately.

PDN has an interview with Elliott Erwitt about his coverage of Obama inauguration.

Francis Vachon is a Québec photojournalist who recently posted a time laps video of his son playing with toys. It’s fun and the tune byCœur de Pirate is contagious.

And last, but not least, here is an interview with Canadian photographer Donald Weber who has won every award under the sun from World Press and Lang-Taylor to Guggenheim.

Croatian word of the day:gusar pirate [goos ar]