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Mummers are here…


What would Christmas time in Newfoundland be without Mummers’ Parade? The last year’s parade was brutally cold. The batteries in my Zeiss Ikon froze twice. This year, it was unseasonably warm with light rain. Still, loads of fun…





Mummers II

1312-Mummers007Here is another one from this Saturday. This time just regular development. HP5+ in Rodinal at 20˚C.





Mummers were here again. And was it ever cold. In fact, it found the limit of my Zeiss Ikon – the batteries lasted about 20 minutes in sub -20˚C. After that, I was back to my mechanical Yashica Mat 124G, which is not bothered by such trifles as batteries. This was also a chance to try some stand development in Rodinal. This is Arista Premium 400 in 135 format and Tri-X in 120 format, both developed for an hour in 1:100 Rodinal with agitation in the first minute. Not yet sure what I think about the results.





1312-mummers031And yes, that is a Rob Ford mummer.


Zombies vs. Mummers

I had no idea, no idea that this whole zombie thing is as big as it is. Oddly enough, I had two pop-culture eye-opening moments in the previous 24 hours.

On the way back from a meeting just outside the town, my two colleagues proved to be quite knowledgable about possible zombie apocalypse scenarios and somewhat familiar with basic zombie invasion defences. It made for an amusing, if surprising conversation. Then, I came home to find in my facebook feed several people discussing the 3rd annual Zombie Walk. Third!!! What kind of a rock do I live under?

As I was taking in elaborate costumes, remarkable range of grotesque faces, jerky body movements and quite disturbing sound effects some of the participants were capable off, I quipped to a friend that we need a Zombies vs. Mummers stand off. Her take on it was that mummers would win hands down. Why? “You don’t mess with a drunk man in a dress,” she said.

The photographs were made during 2012 Zombie Walk and 2011 Mummers’ Parade.