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Rural Routes episode on immigration in rural Canada

A new episode of Rural Routes is up!

A neglected podcast and a neglected blog. Ha! Much of my work time these days is taken up by proposal writing, negotiating, and administrative tasks. It feels a lot less productive than creating content and developing ideas on how to translate academic research into something that can be of use to people outside the university bubble. Rural Routes podcasts have certainly been one of those experiments that have exceeded any expectations I originally had. It feels good to be working on that project again.

This new episode features the work of Dr. Michael Haan from the Western University in London, Ontario on immigration in Canadian context, especially in rural Canada. Have a listen.

The photo is from a recent celebration at our friends place here in St. John’s. The amount of talent around that table is ridiculous.

Vacation over

Vacation officially over. It was nice to be home for at least a bit of it, but it was busier than I would actually prefer it. I spent a week on Change Islands, which was fabulous- about a quarter of my thesis research got done. I also shot an interesting story for Saltscapes magazine and spent yesterday morning shooting St. John’s Triathlon – the largest triathlon competition in Atlantic Canada.

I did have a chance to spend a fair bit of time at St. John’s Folk Festival this past weekend and Mike Stevens was definitely one of the highlights. Brilliant, brilliant harmonica player. Enjoy.

Croatian word of the day: svirač [music] player [svee rach]