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Meet Spangles

1301-Family 2

This is Spangles, the friendliest and the most playful cat you can imagine.



I had the best intentions of spending my vacation doing exactly what my cat is doing in this photograph. Alas… that is, so far, the only thing I haven’t done yet…

Croatian word of the day: odmor rest


[Old Blog] Morning snow, Get Back

I woke up this morning at about 4:30 to Mačak’s insistent meowing. I was half way down the stairs, with the cat anxiously urging me forward, when it struck me how cold it is in the living room. The problem was in the kitchen. When we took garbage out last night, we obviously did not close patio doors properly and they were wide open with a pile of fresh snow blowing half way into the kitchen. The floor was brutally cold and Mačak was quite upset that he had to walk on it to get to his food. By 5:15, I cleaned up the kitchen and decided to make crêpes for the girls for breakfast and listen to an Ideas podcast. It was a good morning.

Something happens when it snows like this, over night. As I walked out the door, people were cheerfully shoveling snow, greeting each other and had in general great time. The morning was warm and there was hardly any wind. The town looked magical and I had hard time getting myself to work. I just wanted to stay out and photograph and feel this snow induced kinship with my neighbours.

On the bus, the driver was playing The Beatles Get Back and I swear half the people on the bus were ready to start dancing.

I have my first class today and am really looking forward to it. It’s a fourth year seminar course in cultural geography and it looks like it’s going to be fun.

Croatian word of the day:predavanje lecture [prea da va nie]


[Old Blog] Entry 78

The little gardeners are helping Miville Couture in the South End Community Garden. Aside from getting a lesson in organic gardening, they are also helping the less fortunate in the community. The produce is divided between Romero HouseHestia House and the local Salvation Army.

The cat in the picture reminds me – we have a cat… Well it’s more that the cat has us, I think. One evening about a week and a half ago, around 9:30 p.m. two girls rang the bell holding this kitten in their arms (Mr. Soft Heart opened the door, needless to say). They came up with this story of a nasty mom’s boyfriend who is going to hurt the cat and since we are such nice people (I mean how can you resist that) would we please, please, please take the cat – it would cost us only 10 bucks. (At this point Mrs. Soft Heart and a little excitable girl who should be in her bed were at the door too.) Fully aware that most of that story is not true we decided to take the cat. She is quite a little rascal and given how she reacts to men, I would suspect that at least part of the story would check out.

And on the quirky side today…

Well, what can I say given how much time we are going to spend in one of these things, you may as well decide on something comfortable.