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Buskers and summer heat…


It’s so cold outside. Here is a photo from this summer’s buskers’ festival downtown St. John’s. It was a lovely hot day…

[Old Blog] Entry 79

This is Chalkmaster Dave at a recent Buskers Festival in Saint John. There is also a colour version here.

Going through my reading list I run into this piece I would like to share from J.B. DeLong’s blog. The essay on singularity he refers to can be found here. It’s a bit tedious to read but kind of interesting.

It seems that the U.S. will have independent election observers which is interesting – especially since last time the report was not exactly stellar.

And here are three links that are sort of connected. The first one is a book review from The Walrus that looks at three books on Public Relations vs. Advertising. The next link is about one of the oldest publicity stunts in the history of Western thought. And this one is probably the latest stunt involving Olympics, but it has nothing to do with thinking at all. Mind you photobloggers, wouldn’t you love to be there to snap that shot.

I also want to send you to Karen’s photoblog one more time because I think this is really beautiful.

[Old Blog] Entry 71

This is Chalkmaster Dave. He was one of the performers participating in the Saint John Buskers Festival. Talented does not even begin explaining what this guy can do on a sidewalk. Unfortunately, persistent fog, rain and temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius kept most of the buskers indoors this year. This was the only rain free and somewhat sunny day during the entire festival.

[Old blog] Entry 1

Well, here it is. I have been thinking for a while about starting my own blog. Expressions seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for – a way to keep in touch with friends and family, showcase some of my work without the hassle of building a web site and share thoughts on photography, travel and the world around me.
The photo in this first entry was taken along Noordeinde Street in the Hague, The Netherlands in March of 2003 – almost exactly a year ago. It was a very important time for me personally in more ways than one. Among other things, it brought me back to documentary photography when I least expected it.