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Tantrum deterrence failure


We love Bannerman park. It’s a little green oasis in the middle of the city and on hot summer days it’s full of people just lounging around, having picnics, practising circus tricks or rehearsing Shakespeare’s plays.

For the past couple of years, the park has been going through a much needed revitalization and if the work that’s been completed is any indication, it will be great. Today, all around the park they are pouring concrete foundations about the size of a garden box. It’s not quite clear what they are for, but I suspect we’ll eventually see some benches there.

Little Miss F, who today threw a tantrum right in the middle of the park, was curious about those concrete foundations. I told her that they are for the cages where parents will be able to lock up children who throw tantrums in the park over nothing. You would think the child would resolve to never throw a tantrum in public again, but not Little Miss F. Without missing a beat, she told her sister: “I have to remember to always have a hairpin with me.”


Life is too busy

This blog here must be feeling abandoned and neglected these days. I am sorry about that. I am feeling that the time is coming to prioritize my life a bit better. I miss photography and I miss writing the kind of stuff peoples actually want to read.

On my computer, there is a folder called “Ideas” and I am realizing that those are actually projects that I care about. So, I will start paying attention to that folder a bit more and you will actually start seeing some more up to date posts.

For now, you will have to live with mummers from this winter’s Mummers Parade.