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A bad afternoon…


We are not having a good week. Miss F and M have strep throat. Miss F is on antibiotics, but the doctor told M he prefers not to treat strep throat in adults since it goes away on its own and the chance of complications is small. So she just suffers. Little Miss F has a wicked ear infection and is not terribly graceful about it. Today, she spend most of the afternoon crying and trying to make up her mind about one thing or another, but she is just too tired, too sick and too upset for anything else but crying.

Sometimes it is easier for me than for M to calm down Little Miss F. We have this way with each other that somehow works. I came home today from work to find her in the middle of the hallway crying because she couldn’t decide whether to put on socks, sandals, shoes or flip-flops to go out with her sister for a few minutes of sunshine. She was just desolate. She sat in my lap in the kitchen and sobbed into my chest. I said: “Hey, you are not having a good afternoon.” She, her head still buried in my chest, said: “Remember that afternoon when we went to Coffee Matters* and we all ordered something and then nobody liked it. That’s how bad is my afternoon.” And then she sobbed again.

*a local coffee and cake shop

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  1. dave says:

    Oh, jeesh. I hope you’re all feeling better.

    I read something recently that suggested instead of the usaing old parent standby, “don’t cry,” try consoling with “it’s okay to cry.” Why heap shame about feelings on top of what is already making you upset? I tried it this weekend with our Jane. When I said it, as she sobbed into my arms, she just melted. Permission to do this mysterious, noisy, messy act that somehow makes me feel a bit better when I’m sad? YES, PLEASE.

    I have no scientific data to back it up, but she sure seemed to feel better quicker.

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