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Photo links

I think it’s kind of a photo links day. I haven’t done that in a while.

The photo above is from Memorial Day this July 1 when Newfoundlanders remember those who died during the First World War, but also other conflicts since.

Check out two essays on Burn:
– The first one is about rural America by Danny Wilcox Frazier.
– The second one Matt Lutton’s take on modern day Serbia. The comments accuse him of presenting a one-sided picture. Well, that’s true of any photography. This is Lutton’s take and I eagerly await somebody else’s.

I have also been goign through some of my flickr contacts and came upon this remarkable set from Vjekoslav Bobić on Adriatic tuna. His other photographs are beautiful, too.

And do not miss fantastic story of Alan Lomax, American ethnomusicologist and photojournalist, on John Stanmeyer’s blog.

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