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Occupy movement, CBC

If you are looking for something to listen to, Ira Basen’s documentary on Occupy movement is not to be missed (scroll down to the 3rd hour) – not necessarily because it is perfect, but because this is the first time I can remember a journalist treating the Occupy movement seriously.

Speaking of CBC, John Doyle had a biting critique of the public broadcaster as it faces a 10 per cent budget cut. That is massive, by the way. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Doyle has to say, but I do hope somebody at CBC is reading. It is not impossible to imagine that at the end of this government’s mandate there will be no CBC left. If I were in charge of that place, I would stop trying to suck up to the people currently running Ottawa (they are never going to love you) and pour all my resources into solid, investigative journalism. There is no lack of subjects. I am pretty sure that the CBC journalists I know would rather go out with a bang than a whimper.

Three years ago, as CBC was going through another series of cuts, I wrote a blog post about what CBC means to me. That still stands – probably more so than ever before.

In the photo is the last Occupy site in Canada in Harbourside Park in St. John’s.

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