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[Old Blog] Entry 106

I know this is not the greatest photograph and certainly not the one that deserves to be the first 2005 post, but it’s all Rick’s fault. He’s been posting these great mountain shots and I got nostalgic about my years spent in Calgary. This is my significant other filling up Bubbles in the middle of Kananaskis countryRick lives on the other side of the Rockies – probably one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Bubbles, as you probably figured out by now, was our 1973 SuperBeetle. I still miss that car. We shared it while working for the Southern Alberta News Service and while I freelanced for the Red Deer Advocate. The Advocate is a great paper and I’d go back in a blink of an eye. I once got stopped by RCMP (Canadian federal police, if you will) for speeding along the highway. They did not give me a ticket, but they did want to know if my car could really go that fast or if their radar was malfunctioning. Actually, I think we got a speeding ticket on Memorial Drive the day this picture was taken. Later we took Bubbles on the biggest adventure of her life – right across this big country. It’s a miracle and a testimony to solid German engineering that we made it. Anyways…

Blogs are a wonderful things. I just discovered a friend I lost track of a long time ago. We used to play cards in the bomb shelter back home, but what is even more important he taught me how to lend my spaceship on a space station in the immensely popular game called Elite that by today’s standards looks – well – outdated. We both had Commodore 64 machines (he might have had 128). Enough flashbacks, here is some housekeeping and links…

Here is my attempt at marketing. I have actually registered domain. I am doing a bit more work and it seemed like a good idea.

Croatia is hosting its first ever World Ski Cup event in Zagreb today. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that everything goes smoothly.

Oh, and who says science is not fascinating.

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