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Some time ago I posted a bunch of links on various photo collections here and here. It’s time to add another collection to it. Phil Kneen’s The Old Leather Chair Project is not just a collection but also an exemplary instance of true dedication to his craft. Phil lags his leather chair all over the Isle of Man in the back of his van.

The photograph is of a gas stop (I really can’t call it a station) along a street in Floriana, Malta.

A few from Malta…

I am cleaning my blog folder which is bursting with photographs mostly because I’ve been neglecting blogging for some time. I am, obviously, back in the swing of things!

Road trip

Off on a family road trip. See you all on Tuesday…


Croatian word of the day: cesta road [tz es ta]

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Summer schedule not so different from the rest of the year

How did my calendar get booked a week in advance and this is supposed to be the slow time of the year. Sigh… On a happier note, I started writing my thesis.

A boy runs through a fountain in Valletta, Malta.

Croatian word of the day: fontana fountain 

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Mixed bag of links

I certainly have better things to write than a blog post, but I have no inspiration for much else. I am hoping that a bit of silly writing might get the juices flowing. This post is going to be a wild ride through the weird and wonderful links I keep bookmarking, but never posting. Think of this post as a crazy ride on a Maltese bus like the one in this photo.

First of all, go over to Dale’s blog and help him figure out who is the genius behind the Bigfoot cutout along Trans-Canada Highway near Salmonier Line turnoff.

Check out remarkable collection of letters by famous people over at Letters of Note.

A quick typography primer outlining 34 typographic sins on a lovely letterpress poster.

There is one island in Canada I would give anything to photograph (within reason). If anybody has a way to get me to Sable Island, I am all ears.

And since we are talking islands and sea, take a look at this sobering Wired feature on Somali pirates.

The photo really is of a Maltese bus. The story behind these buses is quite interesting. Many are handmade, on average they are 30+ years old and owned by their drivers. Things are changing and you can hear that story on BBC’s From Our Own Correspondents.

Croatian word of the day: autobus bus [a oo to boo s]